Screened Sunroom

Adding a screened sunroom to your house is one decision that you will always cherish. Sunrooms enable homeowners to optimize the sunlight and get protected from snow,rain and wind. A good fireplace can help in keeping the sunroom warm at night.

Screened Sunroom Construction

The sunroom construction may take a few weeks to a month. Depending upon the size and choice of design, the sunroom involves complete construction. Starting from the flattening of the floor to the mounting of the glass walls; and finally the roof. Once it is done, you can have amazing ideas from our professionals for its décor and furnishings. You can have blinds on windows if you don’t want plenty of sun or want to just cover the glass windows at night.


Before the screened sunroom construction, few points need to be considered

  • The location of screened sunroom is very important. If you have plenty of trees in your backyard, they might hinder the sunlight to enter.
  • A number and size of windows significantly affect the sunlight. If you want to have some privacy and less sunlight, it is wise to keep small windows which can be covered with blinds at night.
  • If the sun rises in opposite direction of your backyard, then you can optimize the sunlight in the sunroom located at your backyard. In case If the situation is opposite, you might consider sunroom construction in the front of your house. An advice from a builder can be useful.
  • Depending upon your choice, you can have screened sunroom at ground level or the first floor. If you decide for the first floor, you must have enough space to cover.
  • The design of your rooftop must be selected wisely.  Rooftop should align to the design of your house and must allow maximum light to enter. Gable roof is preferred by homeowners. An inside vaulted ceiling is formed in case of gable roof.
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Screened Sunroom

The addition of screened sunroom is not a pocket friendly idea. Obviously, it is like adding a new whole room. But, the costs can be minimized. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who can give you the most budget-friendly ideas of sunrooms. We have a number of sunroom designs which you can choose from, they can be customized according to your budget. If you like a design which is just over your price range, we can give you options of having same design but in lower cost. For instance, you really love the expensive Italian style sunroom, altering the wooden floor to vinyl won’t make much difference in design but a big change in price. Similarly, we can alter the expensive German door knobs to the locally made ones. We are all set in satisfying our customers to the maximum.

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Great Sunroom builder in Chicago! Money was an issue for a while and when I was ready I called Mr Deck. They were straight forward with me and I appreciated that. After they came out to inspect give me a quote for screened sunroom. The cost was not crazy and my new screened sunroom looks so beautiful

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