Are you thinking of adding something classy and stylish in your garden? Perhaps you want something contemporary yet traditional, while keeping it in your budget. Adding a pergola to your garden or backyard is just the right option. The existence of Pergolas date back to the eighteenth century and they are still liked and are popular around the world. Depending upon the design, pergolas can be a shaded walkway or sitting area. You can enhance the beauty of pergola by adding plants on its pillars or roof. A rose pergola looks absolutely amazing and certainly a unique way to decorate your garden.

Pergolas Design

In the old times pergolas were thought as permanent feature and were made of stones and bricks. But now you can have much easy to install and affordable pergolas. Our designers have crafted pergolas made of vinyl, wood and fiber glass. All the materials are durable and sturdy.  We use the material which is resistant to extreme weather conditions and last for years.

Pergolas Builder

Custom Pergola

You can custom-built pergola that is according to your choice, starting from the material, the color of the paint, the size and design; everything can be just according to your taste and will definitely be an inviting addition for your garden. You can set sofas, chairs and relaxing couches underneath. Once everything is done, you and your family will more likely to sit in the outdoor and enjoy good time together, peaceful and memorable.

Besides the custom-built pergola, our designers have designed pergolas that fit in most of the gardens, patios and landscapes

. In the wooden pergolas, we have classy cedar and southern yellow pine. The wood is treated, stained and polished. It is water resistant and does not warp or rot. The wood finish is long lasting and will not require yearly paint.

Custom Pergola

This is a great contractor that is willing to listen to your ideas and work with you. They took every necessary step to make sure my visions came to life.

John Peters

I had some work done on an existing pergolas that was dry rotted. Mr Deck replaced the damaged wood and was able to match the stain almost perfect.

John Peters