Screened in Porches

Unwelcome weather and insects are sometimes the major hindrance for sitting outside. You can add tranquility and comfort to your outdoor living space by installing screened in porch. The outdoor space that is being wasted and is mostly packed with unwanted household items can now be beautifully used. Screened in porch not only adds to the aesthetics but also create value for your home. Homeowners profoundly search for houses with screened porches. You can use your screen porch all the year round, taking the pleasure of being outdoor, close to the nature while keeping the bugging things outside.

Why Screened in Porch?

Screened porches give you an extra benefit of saving the house from different weather conditions. Rain water, snow flakes, dust, pollen and small insects have to fight a way to get inside the house. Screened in porch increase the utility of the porch and also add value to your home.

If you want a traditional look of home, the wooden screened porch is an excellent option. The wooden frames are skillfully crafted and our team strives for perfection till the last nail. We have a wide range of wooden paint colors and the matching accessories. Once you start designing your wooden screened porch, you will love to add the modern and easy to use accessories.

Screened in Porch

Screened in Porch Construction

Our team is specialized in all sorts of outdoor construction, screened in porches is one thing we do the best. Our designers have articulated several designs which can be a true implementation of your vision. First, our team visits the area to be screened and then after hearing your ideas and requirements, we bring to you the best possible options. We have the most modern designs which can range from tropical to Victorian. The color ranges that we offer are just simply amazing, ranging from dark wood shades to lighter tones.

screen in porch build

Screened Porch

Screened porch is not a pricey idea. A number of low-cost and budget-friendly options are available for you.  Besides the wooden screened porches, we have a good range of vinyl options. They seem as good as wood and have the benefit of low-maintenance costs. We have a good number of flooring options that vary in price. You can go for wood for flooring but it might rot when exposed to direct sunlight. Wood floor might also not be better option as the drooping rain water and snow will warp it. Our professionals recommend a combination of wood and plastic for flooring. Sometimes the porch or deck can be used in its existing state, only the addition of screens can serve the purpose. This can be a budget-friendly option and you can start enjoying your screened in porch in a few days.

screened in porch

Awesome screened in porch design. Frank is fantastic to work with.  If you’re willing to make the investment, this is absolutely the place to go.

James Pilsner

Really appreciate the thoughtful and practical screened in porch designs.

Mr. Shanon