What We Build

At MrDeck, we build and install the finest decking, porches, sunrooms, pergolas, and garden shading. We pride ourselves on making only the best products. Your inspiration guides what we build.

Composite Decking

.Our composite decking is made to order from the most durable composite materials. It looks great and lasts a lifetime, the perfect addition to any home.

Custom Deck

A custom deck is whatever you want it to be. Our experienced team of builders and designers will find the perfect design for you.

Rooftop Decking

For a secluded rooftop escape, you need quality decking. Tough and durable but attractive and comfortable, your rooftop will your little slice of heaven.

Screened in Porches

Screened-In porches are the essential addition to your home, giving you extra light, space, and air that makes your home a more inviting and enjoyable place to live.

Screened Sunroom

Whether you are growing rare plants or just need to feel the sun on your face in winter months, our screened porches will let the light in and the weather out.


As the center point of your garden or nestled in a secluded spot, a gazebo is perfect for entertaining friends, getting some time away, or just enjoying your garden.


There is no better way to make your home more beautiful than with a pergola. Enjoy the quality of the light and the peace that nature brings, just outside the door.

Experience matters

It might sound trite, but you cannot teach experience. Some mistakes have to be made for you to learn from them and only through lengthy experience can someone truly master something. In 15 years of operation we have learned a lot and now we offer our experience to you so you can make your dreams reality.

Our team has more years under our belts than we’d like to admit. We won’t tell you the total but it is a lifetime or two. It was hard work but it worked out. Collectively we think we can tackle just about anything. That kind of confidence can only come from experience. We hope you will be part of our experience.

Chicago Deck Builder


We like to think that we do not design your project, you design your project. We just help you along the way from start to finish. You come to us with ideas and inspiration, we then inject a large dose of (hopefully not too painful) reality into the mix and together we create something that is both your dream and actually possible.

You decide how involved you want to be with the design. We know what we are doing, so if you want to be hands-off, that’s fine. Ideally, we would like the process to be a shared one.

From initial appraisals to drawing up blueprints, we want your input at every stage so you get what you want. With our extensive experience getting planning permission for unusual builds and passing inspections, any dream you have is possible.

connect -> consult -> design -> build

We begin by consulting with you. When we have a good idea of what you would like, we can take a look at the practicalities together. We will talk you through how the construction will take place. How much time, what materials we will use and how much it will likely cost. You get final say on everything except where safety is concerned.

Then we go and source the right materials and get to work. Our aim is to keep you in the loop wherever possible. Any problems, you will be the first to know. When things are going well, you’ll know that too.

We only use certifiedquipment and materials in our process. This is because of safety, quality, and durability. And it looks better. Our experience has shown us the importance of getting the process right, we’re sure you will agree.


Our deck building is second to none. Safe, secure, and elegant construction, every time.

Our drafters are masters at visualizing how any new construction will look.

We are fully code-compliant and can help turn a code violation legitimate.