Waterproof Rooftop Deck

You can give a stunning look to your house with an addition of an exquisite living space just by adding a chicago roof deck. The rooftop which has been previously ignored and piled with heaps of old trash can now be wonderfully used in a beautiful way. A skillfully designed rooftop deck enhances the beauty of your home and undoubtedly takes it to a new level. To be honest, there is no better option of usage of rooftop other than this. Homeowners are profoundly converting their dirty rooftops into amazing outdoor space.

Cost of Rooftop Deck

The rooftop deck adds a large contemporary area to your house where you can have parties and dinners or just relax under the starry sky. Homeowners think the idea of converting the rooftop into usable living space as expensive, time-consuming and difficult. It is not always like this, and you can have a number of options which do not require elaborate construction or expensive support structures such as wood or steel.

Chicago Roof Deck

Roof Deck Materials

The common errors when having a rooftop deck are improper material and installation and design errors. A bad installation can lead to increased leakage and drainage problems. Flashing all around the deck supports and installation of EPDM membrane is a good way to waterproof the rooftop. EPDM consists of rubber granules which help in effective waterproofing.

We offer the most modern designs of rooftops. Our team comprises of experienced designers and architects that have the ability of transforming your imagination in reality. The designs we offer not only meet our customer’s budget but also are excellent in regards to functionality, comfort and luxury. You can start the décor of your rooftop by selecting from the flooring to the café lights over the railing. The inviting a peaceful rooftop is what you need after hectic day at work. You can also add gazebos and pergolas to make chicago roof deck look more beautiful and shady. This will also allow you to enjoy rooftop in rainy season or when the sun is throwing heat.

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Chicago Roof Deck Installation

Before installation of the rooftop deck, few points need to be considered. It is important that our team visit the rooftop before the decision to take place. Sometimes the rooftop does not have enough sloping for the water to drain. In such cases, the water dries because of evaporation and do not drain which can be damaging to the deck installed. Pooling water eventually leads to leakage. Sometimes homeowners do not want the whole rooftop to deck. Our team can help you select the most suitable decking area which is just enough to meet your requirements. We want our customers to enjoy the quality of flooring for a number of years and that is why we apply water or oil based sealer that safeguards the flooring from ultraviolet rays.

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Their rooftop deck specialist came to estimate my roof deck rebuild project. He came on time and was very patient with me explaining the permit process and other details to me.

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Great Chicago roof deck contractor. They are very creative about rooftop deck designs.

Mike Jonson